To Trust Your Gut When Choosing A Job Can Be Tricky – 4 Reasons Why

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I’m a huge believer and supporter of the theory that in order to make the right decision you should trust your gut feeling. There are many, many scientific evidence that you will never go wrong if you follow your intuition. Like never! Fascinating, right?! Don’t believe me? I encourage you to look for yourself 😉

In this article, I want to point out how things can go wrong after trusting your gut. And boy, I can only tell you from my own experience how bad it can go.

But not following my intuition made things even worse!

Just recently I realized what I want to do with my life!

It took me, let’s say 20 years or so. The thing is that I always knew it, but apparently, I knew it subconsciously.

  1. I want to write
  2. Want to make movies
  3. In love with music
  4. I want to travel
  5. Would love to help people create…anything 😉

And yes, I realize that all those 5 things are what other 5 or 6 billion people want and I’m not unique, and all of those people, as I am, are looking for ways to combine those things into a career.

My intuition always led me in that direction, but my only job during these decades was to sabotage it. 🙂

But after all I turned out to be a freelance copywriter, who travels a lot; music fanatic, trying to learn the ukulele; a film student, still trying to figure out how people are making movies; (the “helping people” thing still in progress 😉 ).

But let’s get to the point!

Why It Can Be Tricky To Trust Your Gut When Choosing A Job.

Trust your

1. You Can Make Your Family And Closest Friends Really Angry

Oh, boy! And are they maaad!

As a Libra, hence, a natural people pleaser, that situation of people being mad at me doesn’t serve me good!

But, after all, we all know that your closest people want the best for you and in many cases, these same people think they know better than you! Which, of course, they don’t!

Yes, but what are you supposed to tell them? :

Oh, I have this gut feeling that I want to follow!

Well, yes!

It’s your life you are living! You are not living it through other people’s perception!

Let them be mad! Otherwise, imagine if you took a job you didn’t feel right, but you consulted with others and they felt it right through rational thinking, you would be mad with yourself in the long run!

2. Do Not Mistake The Gut Feeling With Fear Of Change

follow your intuition - many fast Stories

Now, that’s something really important. Those two things should never be mistaken.

Now the situation:

Oh, I’ll just stay at home and daydream how Low of Attraction will bring me wealth because my gut feeling is telling me that this job TOO is wrong for me.

And at the same time, you haven’t work for 2 years.

Yes, that happened to me in the past. And no, that wasn’t gut feeling, that was fear of change, procrastination, depression and more not.

If you want to help a friend stuck in this situation see what is a “Verbal – Slap” Intervention.

3. Trust Your Gut Even If There Are More Than One Opportunities.

If you are unemployed and have an offer, but your intuition tells you NO, you have 3 options:

  1. Take it and try to make the best out of it
  2. Wait for another opportunity
  3. Create another opportunity (Disclaimer: Hard work involved)

If you do not have the option to reject offers, which your gut feeling tells you are wrong, choose the less evil and regret it later with your stomach is full. 😉

Let me give you a brief example of what I mean by that:

A few years ago I couldn’t find any freelance copywriter job opportunities so I had to find a regular job. The moment I realized that the phone rang. I was offered an office assistant job at a film production company. I said “Yes” but I felt it wrong. I didn’t trust my gut, telling myself that I needed the money more. I tried to convince myself that I would learn something about the film business there.

I stayed there for one year.

Well, guess what! That year is gone and so is the money. Everything business-related was happening behind closed doors, of course.

I became better in both making coffee and loathing myself.

Now I can’t even include this in my resume because it was a huge step back career-wise.

So I count this year as “Zero Year”, and for what! Money?!

The money will come and go but the time wasted in doing what you hate will never come back! Invest time in developing you as a person and professional, don’t invest time in money; it will come either way.

4. If You Trust Your Gut You Are Most Probably Choosing The “Hard Way” That Takes Time

Recently, I was facing a job-offer-decision-making situation. The moment I was offered the job I said “No” because I felt it was not for me. Immediately after that, my rational thinking kicked in and I wanted to kick my butt for not taking this opportunity: “Damn, your gut feeling!”

So the job offer was: Marketing position, work 9 to 4, zero stress, and monthly salary that I have never imagined could be offered for that position.

But I said NO!

My mind told me: You are stupid! Do it!

So I contacted the person and I told her I want to apply for the job. She told me that if I’m looking for a really creative job, that one is not for me.

So I said NO again!

It’s not about the money. It will come. I just didn’t want to spend another second at a job I hate anymore.

Trust your gut!!!! That’s what I’m telling you! It’s never wrong!

How To Find Out What Your Gut Feeling Is Telling You

1. You’ll feel it right away

 You will feel it right away and you will feel it RIGHT. Acknowledge it before your rationality kicks in.

You will actually feel it as an emotion of excitement, not as an emotion of anxiety!

And yes, you can really feel it…physically!

When you know it’s wrong, you’ll experience an anxiety emotion which you will physically feel in your chest!

anxiety - trust your gut - many fast stories

And the gut feeling… Well, guess where ;). 

The gut feeling is like a sudden wave of energy starting from your stomach going through your solar plexus and ending up in your brain.

2. Journaling




If you passed that initial moment to trust your gut and you are at a rational-thinking stage, but you doubt it and you are still confused, try journaling

Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to see what your gut feeling is telling you!

When you are journaling about making a job decision:

DO NOT MAKE A Pros AND Cons List!

Write down:

  1. What are your concerns about that job
  2. How that job will suit your life
  3. Honestly! Is this job the long-term job you want or is it just a compromise?
  4. Do you imagine yourself happy, smiling and fulfilled in the workplace?

If you feel good and content after writing all of this then go for it.

If you feel even more worried, that’s probably not the one.

All I’m saying is trust your gut! 🙂


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