Letter To Your Present Self – Calm Yourself Down (Template + Example)

Letter to your present self - many fast stories
Letter to your present self - many fast stories

Writing a letter to your present self is like journaling. Well, actually not quite because keeping a journal is the way more extended version of this letter. But if you don’t want to have a diary you can always try the exercise with the letter to your present self.

Benefits Of Writing A Letter To Your Present Self:

  1. You can calm yourself down if you are in hysterical kind of mood 🙂

  2. You can explain your situation from a more objective point of view

  3. You can understand that things are simpler than they look

  4. You can make present decisions easier

  5. You can put yourself in a better mood if you want to

  6. Surprisingly, it can give you more confidence and self-esteem

  7. You can give yourself a motivational boost

Letter To Your Present Self Template:

  1. Have fun with that letter if you want to simplify things when you are in a rough situation

  2. Tell yourself what your best friends will normally tell you

  3. Don’t be harsh on yourself. Just DON’T!

  4. Explain to yourself the positives of the situation that you are in right now

  5. Give yourself advice and let your gut feeling speaks loud

  6. Cheer yourself up!

  7. Convince yourself that nothing is as serious as it may seem like

Try Writing A Letter To Your Past Self or writing a letter to your future self.

Letter To Your Present Self – My Example

Hello you awesome thang 🙂 ,

What’s wrong now!? You know it’s nothing – like always. You know it’s going to pass too! So stop with all that anxiety and worries, get yourself together and start smiling again, like you did yesterday…and the day before :).

Ok, ok… I know that you may feel stuck, but you know that you know your way out… as always. Nothing to worry about! You have many questions in your mind, which you still don’t know the answers to! Except that you do!


Do what your heart tells you!


If you don’t feel it right don’t go down that road! It’s a waste of time and energy! You know it as much as I do.

If you feel THAT confused, take some time for yourself to figure it out.

But don’t take too much time – because this is just called procrastination. Baaaad for you. And I know that you are the master of procrastination. That’s one of the things that you are really good at 🙂 .


Breath, smile, laugh and know that when you believe that everything is going to be all right and all will come into place!


IT JUST WILL! 100% Guarantee! 🙂


But I am telling you again, as I was telling you again, and again, and again in the past – LET GO of things that no longer serve you! You know what I mean – people.

You spend too much thought on what people think and feel about you.


Once and for all, start caring for yourself more BUT NEVER DARE TO HURT OTHERS!


Let some people go, because you may do them a favor! They may also let you go and everybody can live happily ever after 🙂 .

Think of simple to achieve goal… and, damn, achieve it!

Simple as that!

Don’t take your circumstances that serious! Who has time for that! In a week or two you won’t even remember!


Girl, just chill a little bit and enjoy life!


Go out with your friends more! Like… today 🙂




It’s all good 🙂

Do some mistakes, some stupid thing you gonna regret and talk about later 😉 … if you know what I mean haha :)!


I love you! You are awesome 🙂 !


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