Letter To Your Past Self – Understand Yourself (Template + Example)

Letter to your past self - many fast stories
Writing a letter to your past self is an amazing way to try to understand yourself and to figure out how you got to the point where you are right now. Thus, you can connect the dots. But most importantly you can be and should be kind to yourself.

Letter to your past self - many fast stories

The Most Important Purposes That Writing A Letter To Your Past Self Serves:

  1. It has terapheutical effect on people

  2. Helps you to find out why you are the way you are

  3. Forgive yourself for all the mistakes

  4. Let go of the past

  5. Calms your soul and mind down

  6. Manifests better present

  7. Makes you kinder and gentler to yourself

  8. It puts yourself in a good mood

Letter To Your Past Self Template:

  1. Use this letter to your past self as an exercise to understand better

  2. Write this as a letter to your best friend. You! You are the best friend. Or as if this is your kid who is going to take the exact same steps as you have already taken.

  3. Be kind!

  4. Explain what life is to be with all the good and bad surprises.

  5. What lessens this kid or teenager will learn!

  6. Explain to this kid how everything that’s coming is coming for good.

  7. Promise your past self that amazing experiences are coming. Tell your past self some stories to calm him down.

Try Writing A Letter To Your Present Self or writing a letter to your future self.

Letter To Your Past Self – My Example:

Hey kiddo,

First of all, I want you to know that I love you now more than anyone else. I am telling you this because you have to be prepared. There are times coming ahead of you when people will actually love you more than you love yourself. In fact, you will be the person who hates you the most.

Don’t worry! These times will pass, slowly, but they will.

I know that you are quite cocky right now, and you are really excited for what’s coming in your life. Well, surprises are heading your way. Good and bad! And let me tell you now. Almost nothing you’ve imagined and planned for your life is going to happen…because it’s just not supposed to.

For many years you are going to live pleasing people and you will lose yourself!

You are going to feel alone in so many moment that you won’t be able to count. You will look for love all those years. For so long this search will be unsuccessful, until one day you are going to realize that you were looking for self – love. All the other love was already there.

You are going to travel… a lot! All those trips will be undertaken for one reason only – to find your true self. But you wouldn’t know this at that time.

No destination will be the right destination.

You are going to allow people to break your heart too many time. You will cry even more times when people don’t see you. You are going to regret many decisions you make, many actions you take or didn’t take.

Don’t get scared!

You will find out very early that life is beautiful and it is a gift. This thinking will help you cope with every bump on the road to get you where I am right now:

An independent lady full of joy and zest for life.

You will learn to say “I love you” every single day! You are going to embark on all kinds of adventures and the memories you are going to create will be amazing.

I can’t say “Thank you and I’m sorry” enough for what you have been through to make me the way I am right now.

Girl, you rock!

Thank you and I love you!

Now is your turn to write a letter to your past self!



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