Letter To Your Future Self – Manifest A Better Life (Manifestation Story + Example)

Letter to your future self - Many fast stories
Letter to your future self - Many fast stories

Writing a letter to your future self is the only manifestation technique that has ever worked for me. Honestly, from back in the days I have been so caught up in that entire Law of Attraction craze. And that is the reason to try every single manifestation method possible – meditation, affirmation, chanting on water, positive thinking, “as if” technique and so on, and so on.

And guess what!

I haven’t manifested a squat!

But with the “letter to your future self” exercise, I have manifested everything I had written and wished for and more!

Manifestation Story - Letter To Your Future Self

A few years ago, I was in a situation where I was extremely unhappy and dissatisfied with where I was at that point in my life. I just finished my master degree in “Public Relations” and I was living with my sister in my grandma’s apartment.

You are probably going to say:

Well, that doesn’t sound bad at all! You have an education and you live with your closest person in a rent-free apartment. Nothing to whine about!

But it was more complicated than that! My sister was just about to get married and she and her husband were going to live in that apartment. I didn’t feel right to live with newlyweds so I had to move out, but I was unemployed without a single dime in my pocket.

On top of that, I hated what I have studied for so many years and I didn’t want to find a job related to PR.

Oh… and I wanted to travel! I wanted to travel a lot!

I was desperate, confused and not knowing what to do first.

What I did is:

I wrote a letter.

So I sat down one evening and wrote a long letter to myself six months from that evening.

Honestly, I didn’t believe that it would work!

Basically, what I wrote is that I am very happy I found a job I love, an apartment in the center of the city and traveled to Portugal!

And then the magic happened :).

I lost the letter and completely forgot about it!

I found it after eight months and I was astonished to find out that everything I wrote in the letter had become reality.

Few days after writing the letter I applied for a workshop in Denmark that had to do with dealing with our own emotions. Perfect for me.

Then magically, money came to me out of nowhere and I started traveling. I visited not only Portugal but also England, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands.

I found a job in a music company with amazing co-workers that I’m still friends with. And I moved to an apartment in the ideal center of the city.

My mind was blown away because when I was writing the letter I couldn’t see how any of this could happen!

Therefore, why not give it a try yourself!

Writing A Letter To Your Future Self Benefits

  1. Manifest a better future

  2. Helps you to release stress

  3. Clears your mind

  4. More defined goals

  5. You can come up with ideas and decisions right away

  6. Puts in a better mood

  7. Motivates you

Letter To Your Future Self – Template

  • Write the letter as you are writing it to your future self  –

    6 months, 1 year, 2 years etc. from now.
  • Be specific, but don’t overdo it! – Don’t be too specific –

  • Because you just need to give the Universe a chance to surprise you with new and better opportunities. But don’t be too vague, either! – After all, just “I want to be happy” is not enough!

  • Write it as if you have already accomplished those things you want.

  • Write in a gentle and proud tone of voice.

  • Imagine and try to experience how happy you are for the person you are writing the letter! – You!

  • Write down your expectations for an even better future!

  • Tell your future self that you had no doubts that all of that would happen.

Letter To Your Future Self - Example

Hello Sunshine,

I‘m really happy that you‘re doing great. I saw some videos from your last trip. Wow! Beautiful! And you‘ve finally learned how to kitesurf. Haha :).

But really, I‘m very excited that you finally gave yourself a chance and let life in, with all the amazing opportunities it has to offer.

I watched the movie that you did. Hilarious :), but honestly, you can do better. But for a first attempt – great.

But the most I am happy about is the confidence you gained for whatever you are doing.

You stopped procrastinating, started believing in yourself, and began doing things that you want to do.

How on earth did you that!?

At last, you found love! I can tell that you are very much in love 

I am extremely happy that you became stronger and thick-skinned. You cry less and are less angry! People can’t get you down easily anymore.

And again, I want to know how you did that?

I love the new place you bought. It’s enormous and in the same time super cozy :).

I know that you travel working, but I’m sure you’ll answer me fast because of the free time you have in your hands.

That center you’ve opened really made me proud of you! At last, you are really helping people to laugh more, to create more, to develop their own motivation. You’ve always wanted to be among people with insightful ideas. Well, now you are.

Thank you and I love you!


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