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Change Your Life - many fast stories

Change Your Life – Why Life Is Like Cooking – Choose Ramen Or Truffle

In order to change your life you are going to need a lot more than just a vague intention to do it. Start with...
millennial - many fast stories

44 Millennial Characteristics Of The Single 30 Something Kid

That’s right! I said “kid”, a 30-something millennial kid! Because that's how the millennials feel - never like grown-ups. Well, at least the ones...
Letter to your future self - Many fast stories

Letter To Your Future Self – Manifest A Better Life (Manifestation Story + Example)

Writing a letter to your future self is the only manifestation technique that has ever worked for me. Honestly, from back in the days...
Letter to your present self - many fast stories

Letter To Your Present Self – Calm Yourself Down (Template + Example)

Writing a letter to your present self is like journaling. Well, actually not quite because keeping a journal is the way more extended version...
Letter to your past self - many fast stories

Letter To Your Past Self – Understand Yourself (Template + Example)

Writing a letter to your past self is an amazing way to try to understand yourself and to figure out how you got to...
solo travel

Solo Travel – Warning: Bumps On The Road!

Solo Travel - Hey, What Can Go Wrong, Right? “Solo travel” is my weapon of choice ;) . It has been that way for many,...
Keeping a diary - journaling ideas

Journaling Ideas – How Keeping A Diary Can Make You Happier

Journaling is something that people became very interested in for the past decade or so. I believe that this is due to scientific evidence...
benefits of keeping a journal

Keeping A Journal – 10 Benefits From Journaling Daily (+ Bullet Journal Ideas)

I found the benefits of keeping a journal at a very young age, when I was 10 to be exact. Now, I'm not going to...