44 Millennial Characteristics Of The Single 30 Something Kid

millennial - many fast stories
millennial - many fast stories

That’s right! I said “kid”, a 30-something millennial kid! Because that’s how the millennials feel – never like grown-ups. Well, at least the ones I know, which is 90% of the friends and aquaintances I have.

Thirty And Worthy - Millennial Characteristics

  1. Having a smoothie is almost a religion
  2. You don’t consider yourself an adult. Grown-up, yes, but not an adult
  3. You enjoy your glass of alcohol beverage more often than “once in a while”
  4. Your shopping list still sometimes consists only of “Bottle of wine, chocolate and condoms”
  5. You consider yourself somewhat a Bohemian
  6. You claim that you don’t follow trends, but you are aware with everything up-to-date because you have a profile in every single social media possible
  7. You are a freelancer or have your own business
  8. You don’t need to have a partner to be complete
  9. You can still afford a gap year, but this time you can do whatever you wished for in your twenties
  10. Change homes every 2, 3 or 4 years. Or if you do have your own home you are thinking of subletting it and travel.
  11. Still don’t have kids because you don’t have to.
  12. You have an expensive blender and food processor but probably no stove.
  13. You don’t need to have a laundry machine just because that doesn’t matter. You have other options to get your clothes so fresh and so clean. (Did you see what I did there ;) )

14. Don’t need to know how to cook except for noodles, eggs, and salad, of course, but still know some really gourmet recipes for your friends…

15. You have 20 something friends because age means nothing to you

16. You have 40 something friends because age means nothing to you

17. You still don’t know what to do with your life and you find it normal

18. The question: “What’s my purpose in life?” doesn’t bother you anymore because now you know it’s a stupid question

19. You consider yourself a creative person – you play an instrument, sing, dance, master the decoupage….have ideas… You shoot videos, take photos … edit in Photoshop…Instagram…:)))

20. You still try to go out in the evening at least once or twice a week

21. You have heard every new song but still play and sing along to songs from the past few decades.

22. You take spontaneous trips just for the adventure and for the feeling that makes you feel alive

23. You don’t have a retirement plan

24. You don’t own a TV, or if you do, you use it is as external monitor or as a device for YouTube videos and Netflix

25. Your positive mindset is your highest priority

26. You can afford both: camping in Goa, India, and all-inclusive snowboarding in the Alps

27. You’ve probably tried at least one extreme sport so far

28. You are probably single – single for a long time, single again, or in a really weird relationship with another millennial that you don’t know what’s going on

29. You cherish your sleeping time

30. You experience hangover more often than before even with less wine (or with drinks of your choice)

31. You can afford to take a plane, and go camping, and have a 15 year old whiskey

32. You are in advertising, creative professions, freelancing, you are an entrepreneur, or you strive to be any of these.

33. You want to make money through passive income or already do.

34. Wearing two socks from the same pair is far gone

35. You don’t believe in plans, even if you do, you know they will change. After all, change is a constant!

36. Independence is the most important thing for you…like ever!

37. As “minimalist”, you are detached from material possessions, although you cannot imagine living without many of your shit.

38. You are money oriented … and in the same time, you are not! 😉

39. You know at least one raw vegan recipe that you wanted to try but never did.

40. Except with your phone, you actually still have strong relationships from childhood.

41. You feel the need to travel. The travel bug’s talking!

42. When you are not with friends for more than a couple of days you get nervous and anxious

43. You still have days where you go to work after 2 hours of sleep because good times and memories is what matters the most to you.

44. Responsibility doesn’t mean time management to you but never disappointing people.


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